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About Local Dialect

Natural dye promotes wellness for both the wearer and the land

Founded in 2015, by Karen Hess, Local Dialect began as a project which desired to bring the language of the land into the everyday. 

The naturally dyed silk collection is colored using materials from nature. The naturally derived dye promotes health and wellness for both the wearer and the land it comes from.

“Mainstream synthetic clothing dyes exploit the world’s ecosystems in the extraction of their ingredients. They also pollute those ecosystems with their wastes. Conversely, natural dyes promote a thriving environment at the beginning and at the end of the process.”

Plant-based color palettes are naturally harmonious and neutral. The surprising colors glow, sometimes with subtle secondary color, allowing the inner beauty of the wearer to be the center of focus.

“Many of Local Dialect’s colors are from my home landscape but I also play with colors from other landscapes, always mindful of ethical harvest and the impact on the places they are from.” —Karen Hess

All of the colors in the Silk Collection are natural, often harvested by Hess herself. The clothing in the Fibershed Collection has the additional benefit of being Fibershed certified, which means not only the dye and labor, but also the fiber, is all sourced within our local fibershed.

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