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Dandelion: From Dyepot to Coffeepot

dandelion coffee

We want to be healthy but we still want to enjoy ourselves too. In Spring, sometimes we naturally want to detox a little and going coffee free can be part of it. Dandelion coffee can be a great substitute. I don’t think that dandelion coffee tastes like real coffee, but it has a great flavor all its own that does have the same full-bodied profile as coffee, thanks to the roasted taste the roots impart.

How This One Truth Unified My Three Passions

A couple of years ago, I found an old British Vogue magazine that I had bought when I was 18 during my study abroad in France. I opened it up and inside was a piece of binder paper, (when such things still existed) with a list of things I wanted to do with my life. There were three things listed: writing; art; and fashion design. I was surprised to realize they are the same three things I want to do now, over two decades later. I had always thought of myself as someone who didn’t know what I wanted, since I never settled on a particular passion or focus for long, seemingly losing interest in it within a few months. What I noticed now was that I wasn’t losing interest so much as cycling between the three things I wanted to do.

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