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Oxalis Dye: The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

oxalis dyepot and flowers

In my area, it’s Spring and that means Oxalis. You’ve seen the abundance of yellow flowers blooming on every corner. I’d heard that it was a good dye because the oxalic acid also mordants the fabric, eliminating the need for alum or any other fixative before dying.

Besides being interested in plants that need no mordant, I’ve also been intrigued with the idea of using invasive plants for dye, because they are usually abundant. Abundant and native to South Africa, but elsewhere known as an invasive weed, oxalis was my perfect Spring candidate for the following recipe.

Dandelion: From Dyepot to Coffeepot

dandelion coffee

We want to be healthy but we still want to enjoy ourselves too. In Spring, sometimes we naturally want to detox a little and going coffee free can be part of it. Dandelion coffee can be a great substitute. I don’t think that dandelion coffee tastes like real coffee, but it has a great flavor all its own that does have the same full-bodied profile as coffee, thanks to the roasted taste the roots impart.

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