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sense of place

Space Invaders — Seeing our Place Through the Colors of Invasive Plants

plant pigments

Botanical Artist Ellie Irons uses the pigments derived from invasive plants to observe patterns of plant interaction with human populations and where and how her area’s current botanical dialect has evolved. To create her botanically evocative artwork, Irons extracts pigment from various invasive plants in her area and crafts color maps which illustrate that human…

Fiber to Frock: The Fashion Revolution & Community Supported Cloth


What better time to talk about local textiles and Community Supported Cloth than Fashion Revolution Week? If you are wondering what Fashion Revolution Week is, it’s a designated opportunity to ask, “Who made my clothes?” and find out about where our textiles come from and how they are made. But be warned, it’s not pretty….

The Terroir of Color

natural dye

I love the surprises of the seasonal and annual natural dye colors. While natural dye color can be generally predictable, variations occur based on many factors. Like wine, natural dye color is influenced by growing conditions: soil; weather; location. This is what viticulturists call terroir. Terroir affects wine flavor on one’s palate and in the same way affects the color palette in a dye. And like wine, each variety of dye plant has a vintage that’s individual to the area and varies, beautifully, year to year.

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