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Naturally Dyed Fashion

Naturally Dyed Silk & Fibershed Collections

Naturally Dyed Silk Collection

The naturally dyed silk collection is colored using materials from nature.All of the colors in the Silk Collection are natural, often harvested by Hess herself. The naturally derived dye promotes health and wellness for both the wearer and the land it comes from.

The slips and camisoles are multifunctional, everyday layering pieces. Wear one under your daytime wardrobe for silky comfort and a pop of color at the neckline. In the evening, show it off on its own. You can even wear it to bed. The whole time, you’ll be comfortable, beautiful, and be supporting the comfort and beauty of our environment.

Fibershed Collection

Local Dialect is a Northern California Fibershed artisan producer. The clothing in the Fibershed Collection has the additional benefit of being Fibershed certified, which means not only the dye and labor, but also the fiber, is all sourced within our local fibershed.

Each Fibershed Artisan garment is made in very limited quantities. Each has a story to tell. And each garment reminds us of the traditional, sustainable processes that make us human and connect us to the rest of the world.

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