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Sense of Place

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Protecting Place

Sense of Place begins with protecting place. Mainstream synthetic clothing dyes exploit the world’s ecosystems in the extraction of their ingredients. And, they pollute those ecosystems with their wastes. Conversely, natural dyes promote a thriving environment at the beginning and at the end of the process.

Fashion as Sense of Place

Local Dialect’s collections are made in very limited quantities. This distances the label from the negative effects of fast-fashion, and embraces the traditional, sustainable and ethical process of artisan-dyed textiles.

These days, we don’t often live in the place we grew up, nor do we always stay in one place too long. But this doesn’t mean we can’t have a sense of place. There are many other ways to connect with a location besides time spent.

In the past, textiles referenced our places of origin. Localized regions around the world had particular colors or textile patterns based on their local plants, fibers and traditions. Fashion functioned as a sense of place. In some ways, ‘wear’ and ‘where’ meant the same thing in botany’s local dialect. —Karen Hess

Clothing colored with dyes that promote the health of ecosystems helps remind us how we relate to the land and each other. Relating to our own landscape is the first step to preservation and restoration, and a true sense of place.

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